Create Android Apps with Kotlin – Basics of Layout

The most important part of any app is the layout. Because, what do we do without it? Our code won’t do anything if we don’t allow the user to call it. Let’s learn the basics of it by building a small application. We want to create an application that calculates how long we’ll have to keep working in our job to achieve a certain amount of money, keeping in mind the increase in salary every month. So, first things first, change the Layout of your application to a LinearLayout by changing the standard layout of your activity_main.xml and add the Read More

Create Android Apps with Kotlin – Introduction

Recently, Google announced Kotlin to be fully supported for Android Development. This is good news for us Android Developers! A modern alternative to Java with awesome, new features added to our developer bundle. On the other hand this means, that we somehow need to shift our focus to using Kotlin inside of Android Studio. Companies like Uber are already integrating it into their workflow, which is a hint that Kotlin will be big for sure.   And let’s be honest, most of us want something fresh, don’t we?   In the following few parts of this series, I will go Read More

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