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Create Android Apps with Kotlin – Introduction

Create Android Apps with Kotlin – Introduction

Recently, Google announced Kotlin to be fully supported for Android Development. This is good news for us Android Developers! A modern alternative to Java with awesome, new features added to our developer bundle. On the other hand this means, that we somehow need to shift our focus to using Kotlin inside of Android Studio. Companies like Uber are already integrating it into their workflow, which is a hint that Kotlin will be big for sure.


And let’s be honest, most of us want something fresh, don’t we?


In the following few parts of this series, I will go through the full process of developing Android Apps in Kotlin. It doesn’t matter if you are new to Android Studio or App Development in general, but as always, experice will help you.

In case you already have developed native Apps for Android, you should be familiar with Android Studio. But if you are not, that is completely fine as well. Because the next post, will soly focus on Android Studio and explaining all the basics you need to know about it. Following it up, we’ll create a very simple layout and backend code with the aid of Kotlin.


It seems as if the industry is shifting towards Kotlin, and learning something new has never harmed somebody.


And for sure Kotlin is a huge improvement when it comes to handling null. But more about it in the upcoming posts. Apart from teaching you the language and it’s awesome features itself, at the end, the most important thing is being able to serve your customers with actual software. For this reason, developing native mobile Apps with Kotlin will be the main focus of this blog, and you can expect various articles about building layouts, adding functionality, polishing your app, integrating with Java, compiling from Java to Kotlin, and finally publishing your end product.

I hope to see you in the next post of this series where we will take a look at the basics of Android Studio and maybe touch upon some Kotlin code already!

Stay tuned…